Whether you want to create a cosy cottage or a bright, open, Scandi style space, I can help you choose the correct colour.

Having worked with paint and colour for over 20 years, I know how some people struggle with it. I have an unrivalled understanding of colour and will help advise you on both colour and finishes, dispelling the myth that is ‘if you paint your walls lighter, you will brighten the space!’.

During this virtual appointment, I will ask you to share images of your space and any ideas or quesions you have. I will then make colour suggestions and advise on what finish would be suitable to create a look you will love.

After this appointment, I will send over a list of the colours we have looked at for your perusal and can arrange for samples to be sent out if you wish.

To make things even easier for you, I include a Paint Schedule which takes all the hassle out, advising what goes where and even how much paint you will need. This is such a useful tool and can be handed straight to your decorator.

I will also offer you 10% off your paint order [valid for 6 months].

To book an appointment you can call me on 028 8224 6241 or email at<>

1 HR – £125.00
2 HR – £200.00