The C-Word

This time of year starts people thinking about decorating a room. Whether its finishing off a
room, repainting to freshen up, or starting a new space from scratch. There are lots of
factors to take into consideration. Lead times for things such as furniture and flooring can
now take a lot longer that they did pre lockdown, and stocks of items like fabric & wallpaper
are depleted as companies are not holding such high stocks.

Then there is the constant battle with booking decorators, tilers, plumbers and any other
tradesman. Its like trying to get through to NASA, and trying to get a date is a nightmare.

We are now looking at 10-12 week lead times in some cases for decorators [lets face it, if
someone has availability too soon, we don’t want them either! Lol]. But as long as we know
this, and how long we will be waiting, we can plan accordingly.

The key here is to plan early. If you need a sofa, you should have been starting a little while
ago, but all is not lost. With so much choice available now, and with each new fabric
collection nicer than the next, it’s getting harder to choose a colour never mind a style!

And that’s where we can help. If you struggle to put things together, choose colours,
window dressings, accessories… let us take the hassle out of it.

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